Superhuman vision for autonomous navigation

Visionary Machines has created a revolution in 3D sensing using camera arrays. Delivering better than human vision for machines — with unparalleled depth, colour, motion, and trajectory.

See the future

Our vision is to enable machines to see — so they can navigate, measure distances, perceive objects and intelligently interact with the world around them.

See further. See in 4D 

We create superhuman perception with camera arrays. Our cameras enable machines to see the world in full colour high fidelity 4D. 

Better than human vision

Understanding the physical environment requires superior depth measurement. Visionary Machines depth perception is measured not inferred.  

See distance. See objects. See trajectories. With one sensor

Visionary Machines creates spatial sensors that deliver range sensing, object detection, tracking and classifying functions so that machines can see the world.

visionary machines applications

Limitless applications

Automotive and ADAS |  Mining and Construction | Emergency Services | Farming | Defence 

An intractable problem made tractable

Visionary Machines is riding the wave of low-cost cameras and powerful processing density and reliable spatial sensor using multiple cameras.

Team of experts

Our team combines over 50 years of experience in Computer Vision Technology.

Our partners

We create high value applications for our partners. Like to know more? Get in touch.