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Accelerating autonomy


Our vision is to enable machines to see — so they can navigate, measure distances, perceive objects and intelligently interact with the world around them.


Better than human vision

Understanding the physical environment requires superior depth measurement. Visionary Machine’s depth perception is measured not inferred.

See Further. See in 4D

We create superhuman perception with camera arrays. Our cameras enable machines to see the world in full colour high fidelity 4D.

See distance. See objects. See trajectories. With one sensor

Visionary Machines creates spatial sensors that deliver range sensing, object detection, tracking and classifying functions so that machines can see the world.

We’re enabling

Autonomous Mobility | Mining and Construction | Agriculture | Smart Cities | Public Safety & Defence

Visionary Machines is enabling safer roads and accelerating the transition to autonomy through highly innovative 3D spatial sensing solutions

Team of experts

Our team combines over 50 years of experience in Computer Vision Technology.
Gary Aitchison CEO
  • Gary Aitchison
    Chief Executive Officer

    Founder. Serial entrepreneur, building and leading high-tech engineering companies in Australia, US and Asia.

Dr Rhys Newman
  • Dr Rhys Newman
    Chief Scientific Officer

    Founder. Computer vision, machine learning, multiple high-tech start-ups in the UK and Australia.

Dr Samson Lee
  • Dr Samson Lee
    Chief Technology Evangelist

    Founder. Computer vision, machine learning, image processing and hardware.


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