3D ranging solved

We deliver high-fidelity 3D range sensing using camera arrays.

Existing 3D ranging sensors have serious limitations.

No sensor is good enough, and combining them is complex, expensive and creates conflicting results.



• Extremely low resolution

• Clutter and echoes

“Radar would lose a sight seeing contest with Mr Magoo”
Alex Davies (Wired, Transportation Editor, Author ‘Driven’)
lidar (1)


• Low resolution

• Interference and noise

“Anyone relying on LiDAR is doomed”

Elon Musk (CEO, Tesla)


camera with ai

Camera with AI

• Brittle – catastrophic failures

• Requires massive training

“Perception remains a bottleneck today for autonomous mobility…”

Alexandre Haag (CTO, Audi AV)

Visionary Machines solves 3D ranging

Existing solutions do not provide sufficient fidelity for a human or a machine to drive with them.

Visionary Machines uses arrays of cameras to comprehensively solve this problem.


4 – 16 cameras





Place cameras anywhere

Low-cost  Off-the-shelf components

Simple  No training or sensor fusion required

Passive  No interference, low-observable

Robust  Auto-calibrating with redundancy 


Flexible placement  Discreet, anywhere on the vehicle

High fidelity  Depth at every pixel

Resilient  Works in the night, rain, fog, dust

Customisable  FOV 30° to 120°, visual and infrared